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Car Insurance

An open road is full of unexpected turns. Ensure you’re covered for any surprise thatmay come your way. Take advantage of our online quote

services or contact us for any queries.

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Home Insurance

As an independent insurance agency, we take the time to understand you. This allows us to tailor the coverage as per your needs.

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Life Insurance

One of the best financial planning options to have is life insurance. In the unfortunate event of your demise, you will have provided for your

loved ones financially, thanks to a life insurance cover. Drop in to our office or contact us to discuss coverage options.

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Health Insurance

The present guardrails for health insurance can be somewhat confusing. We make itsimpler by helping you understand your options. Take

advantage of our online quoteservices or contact us for any queries.

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Commercial Insurance

When you buy a business insurance, it’s just like making other big purchases. We understand your need to compare prices, quality and

features. Drop in to our office or contact us to discuss coverage options.

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Additional Coverages

Your insurance policy may already cover your family: those related to you by marriage, by adoption, and by blood, living in your home.

But in some cases you’ll find merit in adding an additional coverage.

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About Us

We’re an independent insurance agency which means that we do not represent a single insurance company alone. Our agency has collaborated with numerous companies, letting us meet the needs of our clients at a more personalized level. This encourages our clients to continue with our services even as their coverage needs evolve or change over time.

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Happy Customers

I was so confused about which insurance package to opt for. But one call to M&A insurance and they answered all my queries and even recommended the best way forward. I think I found my insurance agency for life!

-David Scott

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